Top picks for Easter toys in 2014 that kids will love!

If you’re looking for something a little different for the kids this Easter, something that will last longer than chocolate eggs, then there are plenty of brilliant presents on the market this year.

We take a look at some ideas for 2014 that are guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face. These ideas are ideal for kids from 3-7 years of age.

Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel

The kit.

The kit.

The popular Aqua Dragons set has released an exciting new addition to their series – Jurassic dinosaurs! That’s right – breed your own prehistoric critters from the comfort of home!

Well okay, it’s a Sea Monkeys set, but this species of popular aquarium pet is actually millions of years old, so it really is like having your very own real life dinos! For those not in the know, Sea Monkeys are a type of brine shrimp, and their eggs can survive for years, up until they are introduced into water, where they will quickly hatch.

Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel is marketing to kids who love dinos and will be a firm favourite with any curious kid who loves nature. They are easy to look after, and kids love to watch them grow, swim, play and even reproduce. They can even get as big as 2cm!

The kit comes with Sea Monkey eggs in a packet, food for growth and an egg shaped aquarium for them to live, as well as full instructions on how to get the best out of your new family members!

Aqua Dragons are easy to look after, affordable and make for a great first pet, and creators Brainstorm are really marketing this great set over the Easter period, making it a great choice for Easter toy this year.

Richie the Repeating Rabbit – Talking Rabbit


This hilarious toy isn’t just any cuddly rabbit toy. Oh no. Richie the Repeating Rabbit takes its place on our top picks for Easter 2014 for the endless amounts of great family fun you can have by getting him to repeat what you say to him!

Richie the Repeating Rabbit listens when you speak, and then tries to repeat it, leading to incredibly entertaining consequences! Kids will love it when Richie tries to repeat what he hears – whatever you say he will repeat, but it will sound a lot funnier, guaranteed!

This toy is fully kid tested, and with great feedback online.

Barbie Princess with Bunny – Easter


If you have any little one who loves the Barbie collection of dolls, then this special Easter collectible doll may be the perfect alternative to chocolate this year. Featuring long pink skirt and white top with pink ribbon, every girls favourite doll is ready for joining any little one on their Easter Egg hunt!

Equipped with her own yellow Easter basket, pink rose bouquet and white bunny rabbit, Barbie is ready for the Easter celebrations to begin. The doll comes to the high standards that one would expect to see with an officially licensed Barbie figure, and is ideal for any girl from 3 years upwards.

UK link goes to alternative doll.

Ty Beanie Babies – Max and Ruby


The Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set always prove to be a popular soft toy choice around Easter time and make for a great ultimate Easter Egg hunt prize! These authentic products from the official Ty Beanie Babies product range are a great toy for kids from around 3 upwards. They are the ideal size for little arms to cuddle, and the perfect size for imagination play.

Max loves trucks, mud and candy, and his big sister Ruby loves shopping and tea parties! Great quality, and make for a perfect gift this Easter or for any time during the year!

Perfect Easter toys for young boys and girls.

My First Easter Basket


Every kid wants their very own first Easter basket to help them keep their Easter goodies in one place, and this basket from Baby Gund is the ideal choice. Featuring a bunny that rattles, an egg that crinkles and a chick that churps, this set is guaranteed to hold a special place in any kids heart.

Perfect for kids from birth upwards, this is a great Easter themed soft toy that kids will love to get out at spring time. UK link goes to alternate product.

Duck & Goose and the Easter Bunny


Easter is a great time to sit and read with children and there are plenty of Easter themed books available! Duck & Goose are back is one such book – New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Tad Hills brings our favorite feathered friends out to celebrate spring in this fantastic, sturdy board number one best selling book.

Duck and Goose are trying to find the Easter Bunny, but will they succeed? One of the best-selling Kids Easter books online, kids won’t be able to resist this latest board book featuring our favourite characters and their adventures with the Easter bunny!

Planning an Easter Egg hunt?

Easter Egg hunts are what most kids look forward to the most on Easter Sunday. The thrill of the hunt. The clues. And of course the chocolate!


These Easter Egg plastic containers provide a great way to keep the chocolate safe – they are small enough to be hidden almost anywhere, and are affordable too. A great little accessory to make that Easter Egg hunt that little bit more special.


If you’re looking to make that Easter Egg hunt even more special, this Easter Egg hunt kit will make any treasure trail appear magical. Featuring several rabbit and carrot shaped signs with various instructions including “Start Here” and “Follow Me”.

A great little kit that can be re-used every year.

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